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Client Charter

We, the staff of UniMAP Residential College, pledge that,

The Accommodation

Anything related to making reservation will be processed

in 3 working days.


To make sure all the check in and out can be done within

10 minutes per student


The student’s accommodation for the new register will be

informed a week before the final examination.

 The Student’s Affair Development

The workers of the residential will give a full cooperation to

every activity from student.


To create a new generation of students with the sense of

responsibility, intelligence and social-intellect.


To arouse leadership skills, sense of readiness to face the

stiff competition globally, morale and culture values among



To generate a good bond with the other PTJ and to prepare

the paper-work with 5 working days


To create safer surroundings in residential college.

 The Student’s Welfare

To handle emergency cases and student’s welfare under

the supervision of the Residential College right after any

case is reported.


To be ready to receive any complaints or problems

pertaining the student’s affair and to be positively ready to

solve the problem.

  The Facilities

To make sure that the basic needs for students at the

residential college are sufficient and available based on the

required standards.


To make sure all the minor maintenance and repairs will be

implemented within 2 working days meanwhile the all the

major repairs will be reported directly to SEGAK system right

after the complaint is received without any delay.

 Service / Administration

Anything related to postage delivery and claim for every

residential college will be done one time per day starting on

9.00 am until 1.00 pm


To approve any rental of the equipment / vehicle/ other

facilities with a complete information and details within 1 or

working days.


A receipt of payment that has been made at the Residential

College will be issued within 10 minutes after the payment

has been done.


To serve the service of warmth greetings and effective

welcoming expression with a sense of responsibility

towards the students.